How Russian Asthma Cure Works


Asthma Cure Method Uses Simple CP Test

Simple Test
Do "Control Pause": Tells You "Where" Your Asthmatic Condition Is
Scale of One to Sixty or Better
Train To Raise Todays Number
Get It To 40 = Out of "Asthma Woods"
60 =Superb Health

You will use this CP to gauge your progress in overcoming asthma



Upping Your Buteyko CP Is Asthma Fix

Dr. Buteyko Asthma Cure Is Something you do, Time And Effort To Retrain Breathing Ends Asthma For Life.


The Buteyko method "CP" you can use to test your asthma severity and progress. It is called your Controlled Pause. Referred to hereafter and you need to learn this, term referred to is "CP" or your CP or "controlled pause" reading.

This is important part of your new asthma cure vocabulary.
This test is something they call the "control pause," and is used as a measurement of how bad ( or overcoming or "cure" is progressing) measurement or evaluation of how your asthma current overall condition is.
This CP is derived and updated as you progress by doing a couple of slow breaths and then holding your breath and timing it.

Measuring the Control Pause is easy and provides excellent feedback on the state of your asthma. How is your asthma?

Hold your breath as long as you can comfortably and then exhale. The time is your CP. You will start low and over time with your exercises and practice add a few seconds and as you do you should see improvement in your asthma and need for medications, etc.
This initial reading apparently will vary between people on condition of your breathing status.

Worse case asthma from 3 to 40 seconds.

Once you retrain your breathing to get to where you can comfortably hold your breath 40 or more seconds (some apparently get to 60 seconds).
A reading of past 40, you are considered out of the asthma woods.
This may take months of exercises an hour or two a day so retraining is not necessarily an easy project, which explains why some only partially get off medications, or take up to a year of drills and exercises to do so.
The estimated time for retraining your breathing, is one month for each year you have had asthma and breathed incorrectly.

Important You Watch This Video... How to Determine Your CP: Buteyko, CP Test Video on how important your length of the "Control Pause" is in determining the next steps for you.

Remember, the Control Pause, (CP) is not considered part of the training or therapy to change your asthma, It is however an essential part of the "Buteyko Method" because it gives you a way to measure your overall health and progress with asthma, It gives you a score card on measuring your breathing development and the degree of continuation of your former hyper ventilation.

The following article is a long time researcher editor publishers conclusions after months of editorial research on the real basic cause of asthma, (discovered 40 years ago by a Doctor in Russia,) why your survival system makes asthma happen, and the only action to stop its need to do so naturally, works as a cure 100% of the time in either greatly alleviating and in most "curing" asthma,

Definition of the word "cure"is: Return to health, getting off all medications and no return of the affliction.  


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Exercise or practice over an hour a day to "improve"your CP


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