Asthma Cause: Overbreathing, Cure: "Stop"

Big Screw UP
Some Asthmatics Breathing Enough For Six People, OVER Exhaling Carbon Dioxide
Asthma Is Survival System Trying To Force You To Stop Breathing (over Exhaling) Screw UP
First Defense, Stuff Up Nose, Slow Breathing, You Open Mouth
Forced To Inflame and Restrict Airways as Last Defense., YOU Fix All, Simply Stop OVER-BREATHING
Requires Effort

Your Automatic Breathing Has Been Led Astray

Getting It To Stop Involuntary "Overbreathing" Is Not Easy


Asthma, "Hyperventilation,"If You Fix: Stops Attacks
Authorities Confirm Over Exhaling Carbon Dioxide Brings Shut Down Of Pipes.


Body cells, including your brain, cannot be delivered adequate oxygen via blood stream when carbon dioxide in blood falls too low.

Hyperventilation (you overbreathing) causes your body to EXHALE too much carbon dioxide, (read that again, it said exhaling TOO MUCH, causes cells to be short delivered in blood stream, too little oxygen, actually starved for oxygen) causes "delivering" shortage, despite being plenty of oxygen available in lungs.

This confirmed from several sources, not just the discovery by Russian Dr. Buteyko, over 40 years ago. Including many trials and studies in Russia, Australia, since including a 2008 Study in Canada on Dr. Buteyko's cure system.

You can also read newspaper articles where the reporter followed up on those, taking the learn how to control hyperventilation courses that Buteyko practioners teach.

Both the studies and newspaper follow up of groups, over 80% show or report "great improvement in quality of life," many have stopped all attacks, and the remaining 20% unable to learn to totally successfully practice it all reports considerable improvement in their asthma condition.

We know of no other system or medicine (for any illness) or treatment that has that kind of figures.

The stopping of involuntary hyperventilation can be learned other ways, such as hypnosis, yoga, etc.

The Buteyko system can also be learned and done on your own from books and videos, etc.

There are many other ways, some less successful, to stop "Involuntary Hyperventilation" work such as "hypnosis" and other breathing control techniques, showing the same positive result.

Here is a quote from: the respected New England Journal of Medicine, May 1968:
"Most asthma attacks are associated with hyperventilation."
It appears to your author from studying the subject, that your body survival system is involved as it is in all auto immune diseases.

That your survival system considers low oxygen being delivered in the blood to your brain, etc. (due to allowing carbon dioxide to go too low by over breathing it out) is a danger to your survival.

The habit of over breathing is picked up along the line apparently from stress, anxiety and consciously thinking over breathing will fix it, and it becomes a habit.

To stop this habit from doing your body damage your survival systems first line of defense is to stuff up your nose and cut breathing volume that way.

When it continues, over time the airway becomes inflamed, by your auto immune system to cut down air passage.

When that is inadequate to stop it, then airways are filled with mucos to slow carbon dioxide loss.

This inflammation and mucus then makes it hypersensitive to any allergens, and this can include a long list that you read "sets off asthma attacks".

When constantly inflamed as a ready defense, you are now set up for anything or allergens, cold, etc. to make it over react.

When your body stops seeing the need to choke of carbon dioxide loss, in order to survive, then your airway inflammation is no longer needed to restrict carbon dioxide loss, and you are no longer allergic as much to all the allergen things you were affected by breathing.

This is why it takes time to lessen the problem because your body needs to become aware, "we no longer have the too high a loss of carbon dioxide problem" so we no longer need to maintain the airways inflamed airways, ready to cut off carbon dioxide loss to save you.

Once this is apparent and the air way inflammation readiness need is gone, it should all clear up according to this theory.

You have to learn to do a good enough job of convincing your survival system you are no longer hyperventilating ever again and over expelling carbon dioxide and that danger is gone.

When your involuntary survival system is convinced, "no more over expelling carbon dioxide danger," then your asthma clears up, since it is a "do it to yourself" disease and set up as part of a survival system necessary to retain carbon dioxide, to protect your life, not take it.

This is the theory we are operating under and seems to work in practice.

Thus you are working to CURE your asthma, not just control it.

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