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*Asthma: Term For Your Survival System Acting To Save Your Life, Help It, Not Fight It

Blood Graph Shows Oxygen Delivery Life Threat, why Survival system automatically imposes airway inflammation to constrict breathing to save you.

key: % alongside bars, Carbon Dioxide(co2) shows % maintained in blood at different breathing set points

CP Means Your Control Pause test , How To Take Your Buteyko CP reading.


See Also The "Understand Asthma" Meter "details" .

Graphic, "Auto Breathing Set Points " .


Understanding "Over-breathing"
Creating Low Co 2 % In Blood Stream = Asthma

Take Buteyko CP test, record your number of "seconds" Compare with column bottom % Gives You Visualization Of Your Over-breathing

Not Based On Anything Scientific, Is A visual Made for educational purposes in understanding hyperventilation and asthma and is an approximation of what happens in hyper ventilation and is best estimates from available literature.

Note: It seems to be that you must get your breathing down to breathing under that for less then two people in order to be out of the Asthma woods.

This Graphic is merely a compilation to illustrate and understand the concept of hyper ventilation, how it works and what it is doing that affects Asthma and your overall health and why it has to act with asthma to make you a survivor.

With this low Carbon dioxide your blood is unable to deliver adequate oxygen to your cells and you are in grave danger of your immune system not overcoming invaders, your heart quitting from insufficient oxygen, and your brain not functioning correctly from lack of oxygen etc.

When you are extremely low carbon dioxide the defense system activates nose blockage, airway passage inflammation and closing and manufacturing mucus. Muscle spasm are brought in, to stop your lowering Co 2 further to save your life.

When you are on drugs to open airways your body takes on full drastic actions to slow breathing to save you escalating the reaction and save your life.

Somehow, (other article elsewhere) you have developed over breathing and your auto system that detects when you need to breath has gotten the threshold for breathing reset to too low carbon dioxide.

We hope this illustration makes this clear, that you realize it is important to FIX the cause, and how conventional treatment makes it progressively worse over time and harder to do so..

When you have artificially forced open airways, allowing more hyper breathing, thereby enabling further lowering Co 2 levels to even more extreme lows, you wind up with risk of death.

Every time your carbon dioxide goes above your set point (find on graph bottom row with you CP test reading expressed in "seconds" which is the black numbers bottom row under columns.) you breath extra to keep it that low. Your auto breath system needs to be reset to 6.5%. This is what requires exercises to do to reset. Other methods being investigated.

Most think you breath when you need oxygen but your auto breath system runs on detecting how much carbon dioxide needs to be expelled. The oxygen seems to be adequate and the bottleneck is distributing oxygen to your cells with hemoglobin, which needs some carbon dioxide retained to do so.

When your carbon dioxide detector is set too low it causes you to breath too much and expels more carbon dioxide then your body needs for optimized operation. In fact you can expel so much it literally kills you and this is why your body closes off your airways (asthma) to prevent you from doing just that.

When you retrain your involuntary breathing you up the tolerance level of carbon dioxide before your auto breath turn on orders another breath. You are retraining your detector to tolerate a high level of carbon dioxide before it orders more breathing.

In the examples left, it is set so low you breath six times the normal rate and expel carbon dioxide to extremely low dangerous levels. This graphic may help you understand what is happening. You can consciously take control and slow it down but your involuntary system takes over and goes back to over-breathing.

Therefore the fix is to retrain (reset) your automatic carbon dioxide detector to tolerate the normal much higher level of carbon dioxide before breathing.

The goal is to get back to breathing at the normal rate, which is just enough to expel enough carbon dioxide (and take in enough oxygen) for one person.

Graphic Disclaimer: These graphics are not scientific, nor intended to be precise or accurate representations, of any numbers involved but is the editor's own interpretation and compilation of available information and current literature on the subject in rough approximations. Using liberal interpretations to aid, illustrate, to visualize and understand the process of the body survival defense referred to as Asthma.

Editors Note: We are research reporters, Anyone noting or believing we might have any of this explanation technically wrong are invited to correct us with an email...

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The following article is a long time researcher editor publishers conclusions after months of editorial research on the real basic cause of asthma, (discovered 40 years ago by a Doctor in Russia,) why your survival system makes asthma happen, and the only action to stop its need to do so naturally, works as a cure 100% of the time in either greatly alleviating and in most "curing" asthma,

Definition of the word "cure"is: Return to health, getting off all medications and no return of the affliction.  

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